Back in Black

Hello my lovelies,
Before you give me the same old lecture about how I’ve been gone awhile and how much you’ve missed me give me a moment to explain. I’ve been doing a bit of collaboration with a good friend over a Treble With The Bass about an upcoming Brighton artist. Read it? Why not?! I suggest you get yourselves over there to check out my astounding writing…I mean…the astounding artist?
Here’s a little link for those too lazy to scroll down:
Anyway, moving swiftly on.  As anyone and everyone knows I have a particular love for the band Black Veil Brides? Well frontman Andy Biersack began a sideline solo career about a year ago, under the name Andy Black. Still maintaining his gothic theme from Andy Sixx to Black Veil Brides to Black. Releasing “They Don’t Need to Understand” in May last year giving fans a glimpse into his new world.
Check the video below:
As we can see he adapts a 50’s ambiance and attire, however with the still poetically honest lyrics. I personally fell in love with the single immediately, although I know others it has taken a while for them to fall or others who are stuck at comparing it to BVB…but I’m going to bite my tongue instead of going into more detail on those people…then there are some who genuinely don’t like it, but each to their own I guess.
A week ago Andy released details to a UK tour as well as the pre-order of his solo record, which I admittedly clicked “buy” a little too quickly…hey don’t judge me! You’ve done far worse; yes I’m looking at you mister in the third row. Details can be found below about tour dates and a link to his site to purchase his album. But I’m going to make you read the rest of this entry first…muhahaha…unless you quickly scroll to the bottom…but lets be honest you’re too indulged in my writing to move on and miss a word!
To top it all off he release the official video to “We Don’t Have To Dance “ this morning. Have a quick peak:
As we can see he carries on the theme of black and white, but incorporates a James Dean look as well as the stylist shirt, tie and braces.
We can also see elements of his fascination with Religion creep into this project too. So he is still maintaining specific elements that make him the writer he is.
I love the lyrics, as a songwriter, I find them clever and intriguing making you think after the record has come to an end. One of many reasons as to why I have so much respect for him. The chorus combines the idea of artistic intrigity (his honest, self-reflexive lyric) with..if this is a genre that is…if not I copyright it aha…a rock-lounge music ambiance.
How can you not love these:
“We don’t have to talk,
We don’t have to dance,
We don’t have to smile,
We don’t have to be friends,
It’s so nice to meet you lets never meet again,
We don’t have to talk,
We don’t have to dance”
As a songwriter the hardest thing to do is write relatable lyrics, whilst retaining the factor of it being ‘catchy’ and easy to listen to. I find with Black’s, and even Biersack’s work with BVB, that he manages to write songs that I can fully relate to on a lyrical level…that’s right folks I’m a dark and twisted soul…you’d have never have guessed right? Right?! Either way, he manages this whilst making them easily listenable to a…dare I say it…a mainstream audience.
“You’re never gonna get it I’m a hazard to myself,
I’ll break it to you easy this is hell, this is hell,
You’re looking and whispering you think its someone else
This is hell, I am in is hell”
That’s it for today my pretties.
Until next time,

Unpleasant Dreams.



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