Introducing To You…MISS

Hello my pretties,
How are you finding the sweet taste of freedom after spending yet another year trapped between the four walls of education? As father would say: “Schooooools out. For. Summer!”
Enjoying our glorious British summer? The time of year when people are desperate to wear shorts and crop tops in the wind and rain. Primarily in a futile attempt to capture some kind of evidence that the sun was out for at least a second, as well as an excuse to expose as much skin when half the population really shouldn’t. People when will you learn to dress to compliment your figures, not to degrade them further! But hey each to their own I guess. One signifant tradition that our bi-polar weather system is the tradition where everyone is doing the Okey Cokey with the washing – “in out, in out, shake it all about”. For my international readers out there, that’s British summer weather 101 for you. Who says kids don’t learn anything outside of school aye?!

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Moving swiftly on from fashion, or lack there-of, and the stereotypical British trait of talking about the weather. Let’s get down to business shall we? Now I’m a little late jumping onto this bandwagon…no pun intended because let’s be honest I am one hilarious gal but that would have been a little weak for someone with my suavity. Speaking of suavity, the band I want to corrupt, I mean, introduce to you this gloomy day is unsigned trio MISS. Now today I thought I’d spice things up in our little love affair by doing something a little different to my usual reviews and interviews. Rather than diving into just a fragment of an artists’ career and blow your mind with intense details, I thought I would try an ‘Introducing…” entry instead. After all, who wants to be stuck in a mundane loop, becoming speechless and redundant….totally didn’t rip off Green Day right there…anyway. Here we are. Rebel Yell’s debut ‘Introducing To You…” segment.
Listen to ‘Do You Feel Electric?’
Right let’s get the statistics and logistics and other fancy corporative words out the way first before injecting MISS’ venom into you. Born on 1st January 2015 members Marty Felton (Guitar/Vox) Benjamin Wade (Drums/Vox) Wilson (Bass/Vox) immediately achieved critical acclamation with their first EP ‘Do You Feel Electric?’ and have since continued to climb further up ladder of success.
So I have a little confession to make. I was going to write a review for their latest singe ‘Kinkajou’, but then after doing some homework on them I changed my mind to review their debut EP ‘Do You Feel Electric?”. But I feel so in love with all their work that I couldn’t choose one! Hence an introducing page instead. Honestly cross my heart you will put on a track, any track by them, and immediately will be hypnotised. Glued to the spot. Just listening. Before you know it seasons have passed, you’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and you’re more concerned about who ate the last piece of pizza that you could have sworn was there only moments ago. Okay…even I’ll admit that’s a slightly exaggeration…you remember that you finished the pizza before putting on MISS.
Hauntingly mesmerising melodies. Dark yet enchanting vocals combined with sophisticated lyrics. What’s more, although a heavy reliance on electronics the arrangements are minimalistic, demonstrating their technical and songwriting professionalism. Now the things I’ve heard about their live shows…well…that’s information I don’t think you could handle quite yet. But let’s make a deal. Have a listen to their EP and single. Head down to the Hope & Ruin on August 13th and tell me for yourself what you thought of their set. Deal? Deal. They are one of those bands you don’t realise how true my ramblings are until you’re on the other side. So join the dark side. We’ll be waiting.
Until next time,
Unpleasant dreams.
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