Restore Hope from the Ruins.

Hello my pretties,

How are we on this wonderfully miserable Autumn morning? (It was morning when I wrote this, probably afternoon by the time it actually gets uploaded). Halloween is right around the corner, and do I have a treat for you! Last night I managed to drag myself out and be sociable…I know, me? Sociable? Must be losing my sanity that little bit more, not that there’s much more to lose. But it was all for a good cause – to support our local boys down in Brighton.

So who are my new favourite disciples and followed my explicit instructions and got themselves down (and dirty) at The Hope & Ruin?? Have a drink on me next time we meet…as long as it’s water…because ya know, student, forever broke. Now those of you in the back stand up, step into the spotlight of shame. I would love to say that you simply missing an insane night was punishment enough, but let’s be honest I’m a little more twisted that than…but seeing as I have to keep this PG rated for our younger audience I’ll let you use your imaginations.


13244791_1015823141800042_7486146092081974977_nEver been to a gig and had a band you had no clue existed completely blow you away? Well that was BlackWaters last night. As much as I love seeing new bands, especially on the local scene, it is very rare for one to remind me of one reason or another as to why I do what I do. You couldn’t ask for a more perfect group of misfits to carry on the punk legacy. That is one thing that is severely missing in today’s emerging scene. Seems like every other genre is covered but true punk seems to have been left behind. Sure you have punk’s offspring of pop punk; punk rock etc. but the nitty-gritty iconic punk I love so dearly is rare today. The best way to describe BlackWaters is them being the love child of Johnny Rotten’s angsty vocals and the Sex Pistols society loathing chaos with The Clash’s musicality and professionalism, because let’s be honest as much as I love Rotten he can’t sing to save his life, whereas lead vocalist of Waters takes the best of Rotten’s and Strummer’s vocal techniques to create a voice that suits the punk genre perfectly, whilst demonstrating that he does have the talent and ability of actually holding a tune.

You couldn’t ask for more energy than this band produced. It was completely electrifying. These have to be a new favourite, enough that this post was going to be titled “the Jarr’ed Up Generation” but maybe I’ll save that for another time dedicated purely for them.

Dove House:

13557903_1776198832599523_485468507049056629_nNow it’s time for my main boys. That’s right. The ones you know and love. Because let’s be honest I go on about them enough that you can’t help but to as my love is contagius. Ghouls and Gals put your claws/hands together for the one. The only. Dove House. Okay, that’s quite enough, settle down, settle down. Have some seriously insightful things to say here!
Right now that that’s out of your systems. Let’s get down to business. The thing that always astounds me with Dove House is how many genres they managed to merge into single songs so naturally, demonstrating not only their impressive abilities as songwriters, but also that they don’t restrict themselves, instead they take the best pieces of each style and marry them to create…dare I say it new age masterpieces…I dared. After all “he who dares Rodney, he who dares”. Particularly, with vocals and ambiance mirroring the Brit Pop style of artists such as the Arctic Monkey, We Are Scientists. Integrating elements of the electronic movement with cleverly written synth parts. But thing that I think goes over a lot of people’s heads is the intelligently sarcastic and witty lyrics that ridicule today’s youth through a social commentary. Arguably similar to the original punk motives, although Dove House do this in a way that an audience get lost in the rhythmic, almost funk-like, ambiance to focus completely on lyrical content, which to me is the most clever technique a band can ever use. What’s more, they aren’t afraid to use space in songs to their advantage, again establishing they are a unit of songwriters, writing for the song, rather than competing in who can be the loudest? Who has the most parts? Personally, I think this is something that lots of new artists are lacking, especially those in rock bands todays, you can definitely see the divide in those who will do well in the industry compared to those who are going to sink.

Being a songwriter myself it seems I constantly bombard you with my views and interpretations of how artists build their songs, especially lyrics. But seeing as this was a live event it’s probably a good idea that I at least mention their performance right? Alright, alright. Hey who’s the mouthy one on in the middle row?! I’m getting to it. Now I haven’t seen these boys perform in a while, actually the last time I did will be somewhere on here if you feel the need to check up and then lecture me about seeing more live local bands, after all it’s all I seem to do to you guys, but hey mother knows best my freaks. One positive that comes from leaving time between seeing a band means you notice developments far more easily, compared to if I went to every gig these improvements would pass me by. The guys have always worked as a unit to some extent, but in early shows it seems they were slightly more lost in their own heads, still having a good time but more in their own little bubbles…this is when they are plotting to murder me for mentioning something that isn’t negative, but still a tiny wee flaw. BUT THE POINT I’M MAKING IS THEY DON’T DO THAT ANYMORE, at least not last night. So guys, knives back in the kitchen, bullets out the barrel please. Whilst each musician was still in their element, they were interacting with each other in the subtlest ways, which I find is the best method to, showing all those reactions were natural and not simply for audiences benefit. All of you know how much I love theatricality, I mean have you read this blog?! Do you know who I am?! But something that really grinds my gears is when a band try to create a false energy, a false connection with each other – essentially trying too hard isn’t always endearing. Your audience members aren’t complete idiots. They fall for genuine connections, when you try to create a lasso to drawn them in in any way that isn’t real it usually turns into a noose around your career. But not our Dove House. They stole our hearts with their music but make us stay with their professionalism, musicianship and the fact you can’t help but have a good time at their gigs.

Stalk…I mean… keep up to date with BlackWaters: Facebook and Spotify

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Until next time my pretties.

-Rebel Yell


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