Where do your ‘Reckless Intentions’ take you?

Hello my pretties,

Back again and oh do I have a tale for you. As you are well aware we have a new addition to our family – those lovely lads over at Reckless Intentions. Now we know they can talk the talk with their track ‘Wanting More’, if you haven’t read our recent verdict then WHY NOT?!?! Uh huh…uh huh…excuses get you nowhere over here. I’ll give you the chance to redeem yourselves AFTER you’ve finished this lovely piece. Yes I’ll give you a second chance. Aren’t I kind? You better not blow it otherwise we will be having serious words! That or just set the hell-hounds on you. Yes I’m that serious. Got that? Good. Moving swiftly on.

Last night we ventured down to The Prince Albert to see if they could walk the walk. Not only did they lose their headlining virginity, but also marked the Brighton boys’ first show actually in Brighton…yeah that it took us awhile to wrap our heads around too, but hey it was only their fourth gig as the quartet. Fourth gig and they’re that tight?! Seems like they’re the real deal all right, good thing we got our claws into…I mean…welcomed them here before someone else falls under their charm.
Little ol’ me managed to meet the boys before hand, aren’t I lucky? Other people’s job perks include free coffee or stationary but over here we get to meet talent before they’re claimed by the big boys upstairs – but ya know we would never turn down free coffee…hint hint. Anyways, whether they were aware or not I was watching how they interacted with each other… in a non-stalkerish way I swear! It’s the truth I’m telling you! Hey they never proved that was me! Anyways one thing I noticed was how they all have significant traits that differ from one another. Sometimes people assume that just because you’re in a band you all have to think alike, act alike, be alike etc. but the best bands compliment each other with the ways they contrast. This is evident in Reckless Intentions as you can see these traits being the reason as to why they’ve accomplished so much in such a short space of time.

(L:R) Laurence Burkitt; Matty Halliwell; Josh Woolnough; Jack Skates.

For the part you’re all here for. Are they worthy of the stage? Or an act you want to go medieval on and throw anything at them to make them get off? Well I’ll leave you to find that out for yourselves.

Just kidding. I’m cruel but not quite that cruel. This band has the potential to go all the way if they carry on down the road they’re on. Originals weaved seamlessly into covers and back again, demonstrating their technical ability as professional musicians. With covers ranging from predictable inspirations such as Green Day and Good Charlotte to the less expected My Chemical Romance – I’ll tell you this; pop punk ‘Teenagers’ is insane! Works so well! The best part is they didn’t try to be or sound like MCR, which a lot of musicians attempt before falling flat on their faces, instead they completely turned it into their own and it worked! Illustrating they aren’t afraid to take risks, but put themselves out there which is another thing new bands fear – thus never taking critical steps forward. By making yourself vulnerable you have two options: sink or swim, these boys are cruising. What’s more, individually they got into it, eventually interacting as a unit making them an intriguing spectacle. While being lovably awkward, ya know the kind you can’t help but go “aww” and just want to take them home with you; they were genuine and sincere, qualities I hope dearly they hang onto as they climb the ladder of success. You couldn’t help but have a good time in that crowd, between the anthemic covers and captivating originals the boys had the audience moving in some way – whether it was those who had drunk a little too much dancing to those ‘too cool for this’ maintaining the beat with their heads or feet. While pop punk typically connoted a ‘all fun and games’ mantra, originals such as ‘Wanting More’ and ‘House of Mirrors’ ignited raw and intense emotion. If you thought ‘Wanting More’ was evocative before hand, listening to it live takes you to a whole new level! However, my favourite is definitely ‘House of Mirrors’ not only did it conjure similar emotion, it is a highly relatable song, at least from what I heard – counting down the days until that one is released.

We’re keeping our eyes on these boys and I advise you to do the same. Follow them on Instagram; Facebook; Twitter and check out ‘Wanting More’ on SoundCloud as well as our review here (time to redeem yourselves…you know who you are).

I know this was only short but it’s has the sweetest taste.

Until next time,

– Rebel Yell.



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