Hello my pretties,

fea_20131018_lif_042_29306248_i2Today I have a tiny tale to tell. Not a review or an introduction of some new fabulous band I’ve discovered. This is more like a breath of fresh air really to blow away those weekend hangover cobwebs. Now all of us here know how much of a punk advocate I am, for those who have the pleasure of personally knowing me are more than aware of how I dress, as well as mentality and songwriting roots. Although I’ll admit I have never ‘fully’ adopted the punk mantra of anarchy in the literal sense, I am however a disciple of the culture it has created. The whole DIY fashion, music, the anti-establishment attitude of keeping a grip on artistic integrity no matter the costs whilst still appealing to this somewhat commercial audience. This afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting Glen Matlock, the original bassist of the Sex Pistols, trust me trying to keep the fan girl under lock and key was a tricky task…although my grin in the photos does grass me up…which you aren’t seeing before you ask! Moving swiftly on, given his background I assumed he would be a brash, loud individual yet he was quite the opposite. With his little anecdotes regarding the likes of Bowie, Iggy Pop as well as his infamous band mates. While many fail to realise that Vicious isn’t the original bassist, let alone on most of the tracks from Never Mind The Bollocks, Matlock neither seemed resentful nor bitter that he receives most of the glory. To sit in an intimate master-class with such an icon isn’t only exhilarating as a fan, but as a songwriter restores confidence in my vocation, as meeting these people reminds you they are only human too despite the pedestals society places them on. What’s more, it further accents that these people were once in the position I am in now, even more relevant with the punk movement as they were told how they wouldn’t achieve anything with what they were doing. Proves that as long as you’ve got the heart, as well as the brains, to go after what you truly want the only thing that can hold you back is yourself.

Just some food for thought…as well as a little boast from yours truly, hey have to prove to you all that I hang with the right people after all!

Anyways, until next time,

– Rebel Yell

(Feature photo: The Sex Pistols, 1976: Paul Cook, Steve Jones, Glen Matlock and Johnny Rotten Soho. Photo: Ray Stevenson / Rex Features)

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