Warning: There’s a Panic at the Disco

Hello my pretties,

You’re being greeted by an extremely sleep deprived Rebel today; so warning this can go one of three ways:

  1. My sarcasm is so on point you start taking it seriously
  2. I’m dull and dry to read or
  3. I get so hyper that I ramble on and on about completely unrelated topics.

If you’re lucky you may experience all three in the space of one sentence, I guess we will see how this goes. Good luck! Wait…I don’t know why I’m the one saying good luck…I’m the one doing all the work here, writing and reviewing, trying to keep my eyes open whilst my body aches and begs for more sleep. But hey that’s what you get when you’re a student trying to balance work, university and a social life! All of this was completely worth it though!

panic-1After trailing up a HUGE hill in the lovely British weather…aka torrential wind and rain of Storm Angus…okay I maybe exaggerating a wee bit, this was the weather following the storm, so you could say it was it’s half cousin…you know what…I don’t even know…I said I was sleep deprived so hush! But getting back to the story at hand, now where was I? Oh yeah, so after a walk that everyone I know claims is a long trek, but ended up taking a mere 20 minutes (at most), we reached the beautiful Alexandra Palace. This was my first time visiting the venue, although I had heard good things. I can see why this place is called a palace! It was friggin’ enormous, kinda like stepping into Mary Poppins’ bag – deceptively spacious. The was a food market in the first sector, where hungry mouths were filling up on waffles, beer and various other ‘gig foods’. As well as a merch stand and an acoustic band playing the faux green centre. Stepping through and into another world a huge stage awaited us in an equally as open room.

But whom was I seeing do you ask? Now that would be some key information to share wouldn’t it? Well…brace yourself for either extreme jealousy…or the “Oh my God I was there too!” moment. I had the pleasure of seeing Panic! At The Disco headline for the first time! I know what you’re thinking, “but Rebel you’ve seen them at least once before” that is correct, I’ve seen these remarkable chaps twice, Reading 2015 and Slamdunk 2016, both in a festival ambiance. Thus this was my first time witnessing them perform a solo headlining show. And I’ll tell you this…they didn’t disappoint one bit! I don’t think I’ve ever danced so much at a rock show…and this was when I was only partially sleep deprived. I know!! Despite only playing a little over an hour set, Panic managed to cram as many songs in as possible. What’s more, they managed to cover all areas of their extensive repertoire from classics such as ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’ to recent hits like ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’. Furthermore, we all know how much of an extravagant performer Brendon Urie is, truly a character that is addictively intriguing, and this gig was no exception.

panic-3However, the thing that most people realise but never really appreciate to the magnitude they should is Urie’s phenomenal musicianship, not only did he switch from fronting to piano to drums to guitar more times than a scene kid changes their hair colour. But his vocal range…there isn’t a word to describe how extraordinary his voice is; typically male singers in this genre tend to stick to edgy vocals centred around chest voices, only very, very occasionally venturing out their comfort zone into a mixed voice. I say typically…I’m talking about artists today, not the 80s heavy and hair-metal icons like Freddie Mercury, Steve Perry, Paul Stanley whom thrive off a strong mixed voice. Yet, arguably Urie takes it a step further and frequently ventures to experiment in the male equivalent of the head voice. This was seen in his random moments of improvisation to his beautiful rendition of Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. Demonstrating perfectly not only his professionalism as a musician, but also his diversity as a songwriter – influenced by an assorted music taste.

It’s safe to say that I’m running purely on caffeine, as I am aware that this review is more of a personal account of a night full of flashing lights, confetti and good music. One thing with live reviews is that it is almost impossible to give you a true account as everyone takes something different away from them. Two people can attend the same gig but they are see two completely different performances. That’s why I am always banging on about how you should attend as many gig are you can whether it’s major or local. It’s as Walter Benjamin states about the “aura of the original” there’s just something about being in a room with hundred of people who share the same passion as you. It’s an indescribable experience.

On that note I leave you.

Until next time,

– Rebel Yell

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