Dove House Episode III: Return of the Memes.

Hello my pretties,

It’s me again, Rebel Yell, how are we all this wonderful evening? (If it is morning then good morning, congratulations you creatures of the night, this is what the normal folk call day…don’t be afraid of the big ball of fire in the sky, it’s called the sun, it won’t hurt you…as long as you don’t look directly at it…and wear sun lotion if it above a certain temperature…). Anyways let’s get down to it shall we?

Last Tuesday in a venue deep in Brighton…
Five young Jedi’s take to the stage,
Their mission to conquer,
And restore faith to,
The council of music lover,
Gathered at the Hope & Ruin.

But first a young Jedi battles,
With the ruthless sith Ish,
The force is strong in both,
While are heroes on all sides,
Each desperate to entertain,
Both successful in execution.

But will the light vanquish,
All evil that prevails,
Only one way to see,
With a night excellent music,
And hidden memes.

Firstly let’s have a warm welcome for Steve, incredible new drummer for our favourites over at Dove House. Let’s be honest, to join such a unit successfully is a mission impossible, but Steve went all Tom Cruise and nailed it. So ghouls and gals be devilishly pleasant.

received_10155739043129046While according to this is only my third official Dove House piece…although sown I’ve inflicted you far more. It seems I’ve been to so many Dove House gigs that I can actually sing along to most of their set…I don’t know if this is a proud moment for me or one where I can to profusely reassure you that I am not a fan-girl…hey don’t give me that look! But still these boys never fail to entertain. Whether they are the headliners or support act, each event not only showcases their best moves, but each time they have a new trick up their sleeves to keep their audience on their toes. For instance, this has to be the best way to capture an audience’s attention: light saber duel slap-bang in the middle of the venue. NO ONE can ignore that! Seriously show me someone who can ignore good music and two band members battling it out on the dance floor Jedi style. Even on paper it sounds extraordinary. Telling you, those who didn’t want to brave the weather and drag themselves out for a night of splendour really messed up this time!

What’s more, it’s remarkable seeing how much the band has developed as a whole. Each member holds their own on stage whilst maintaining a good balance of audience interaction and band interaction. I’ve said from the start these boys are heading places (don’t believe me look back at our first few reviews!) and they are already proving me right. They are on the way to greatness; can you really afford not to be apart of it?

I didn’t think so. Keep to date with Dove House on the usual social media platforms: Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Youtube; Soundcloud.

Until next time,

– Rebel Yell

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