These Loose Lips Have a Secret…

Hello my pretties,

Now we can do the usual routine of I get on my knees and apologise for being AWAL. Grovel, recite some excuse or another about being busy blah blah blah. Or you can just accept that this is the way I am. Ball is in your court. Are you really going to let this ruin our beautifully, ghastly love affair?

I thought not. I’m just too irresistible aren’t I? Oh, stop it you!

Shall we get down to business?

Dove House hardly needs an introduction, I mean how long have I been throwing these guys at you? Must be at least a year now…I would check the archives but that means dusting and…ugh housework is not our forte.

We’re going to do something slightly different here a Rebel Yell; we’re going to be professional for a second. I know! Yes, you heard that right. Yes, I’m feeling fine. No more clinically insane than usual. Can someone help the guy in the middle row I think he’s choking on whatever he was sipping from that flask before I dropped the news…okay, okay I get it! Hey it’s not that remarkable I can be professional sometimes…it’s just rare. Besides like I said it’s only for a moment. Ready? Right, when a band wants reviews etc. they create an EPK…that is a fancy acronym that basically means they present a bit of biography and every bragging right they have in the book. Essentially, it’s their little black book of ego-mania. When done right it is highly effective in helping wonderful people like myself understand a band…well understand to a degree because let’s be honest musicians are almost as messed up your beloved Rebel…I said almost…I set that bar pretty high. These are quite defining features as to whether artists are serious about what they do…something Dove House has nailed since day one. But I have never shared some pretty important details about them with you. By now you should know the lovely line up but here’s a refresher:

Dove House.png
Right to Left (just to be awkward): Anthony; Ish; Jack; Kieran and as we welcomed last time, Steve.


First fun fact: did you know ‘Don’t Say It’ was featured on BBC Introducing South Track of the Day? You should have I probably told you about it! And we all know my word is taken as gospel. This is a huge deal for a band to achieve this, yet our boys managed to this not once but TWICE! However, that’s not the detail I wanted to share with you, in June the lovely Dove House are flying the coop (no pun intended…or maybe it was, depends if you found it funny I guess) and kick-starting their debut tour of South England. Don’t worry I will feed your addiction and keep you updated with the necessary details.

Right…professional part over. And breathe! See that wasn’t so bad, was it!
Okay since you guys sat through that I can get to the particularly sweet treat I have for you…and that’s Dove House are releasing a new single! I’ll give you a moment to express your excitement.

Okay attention back to me. Thank youuuu! On Friday 28th April you will be able to immerse yourselves in their latest work. And I can tell you now that it is truly delightful…I’ve been sitting here for roughly an hour and it’s been playing nonstop. But then we all know I have a slight…problem(?)…when it comes to indulging in music, and Dove House is just one of my many pills. Pays off though as they feed my habits like I feed yours through sending cheeky sneak previews. Aren’t I a lucky one?

In a world where a three-minute pop song is pushing the limits in this consumer culture, to find a five-minute track that blows you away and maintains your attention for every single second is rare. Our boys have dropped another killer single, riddled with hooks, intricate melodies and steady grooves.

Unstable’ displays perfectly how they are maturing as a band. Strengthening already solid bonds. They don’t mess around, dilly-dallying with lengthy introductions, instead it’s sweet and straight to the point. Grasping your attention whether you want to listen or not…but we all know you want to listen. As usual they utilise space, dropping to a simple arrangement for Jack’s vocal to flourish. With these intricate melodies the listener could easily be overwhelmed, however the band give them time to comprehend what they are hearing. What’s more, they allow every member to step into the spotlight at regular intervals throughout the track. I’ve said this before but I will say it again, they are one of few bands that write for the sake of the song not for the sake of egos. While you can see they have found their niche/sound, after all, you can listen to any track by them and go “yeah that’s Dove House” without restricted themselves. They manage to perfectly balance familiarity and experimentation. Like I said not shooting themselves in the foot, allowing for limitless development. The amount of bands I know…not naming anyone in particular…who have confined themselves in such a tight little space you can’t see any route for progression. It’s a dangerous situation to be in, especially as this industry is such a fickle friend.

Lyrically speaking, there is still an element of tongue-in-cheek social commentary that defines Dove House’s songwriting, nonetheless, as with the arrangement, there is maturity about it. They’ve taken the time and crafted each element…not saying their past releases aren’t…I’m aware that I could be digging myself into a rather large hole here…one that may read ‘Here lies Rebel. RIP: Rest in Pieces love Dove House’ if I’m not careful. BASICALLY, they are adding more and more layers to their already intricate repertoire, with tastefully placed harmonies and wonderfully weird sounds. Accenting their professionalism and talent in a way that is difficult to find in other bands of similar status.  Wanna know my absolute favourite part? What a ridiculous question, of course you do. The break down strips everything completely back before building, with a drop just before the big finale. Now it is very easy to fall victim to clichés here…heaven knows the number of times I’ve fallen for it. But clichés are clichés for a reason after all. I can safely confirm that Dove House do not classify as cheesy or cheap, simply demonstrates again their development as writers.

I will leave you with that for now. That should be morethan enough to get those taste buds tingling. Let the countdown to April 28th commence!
As usual, keep up-to-date with our boys on Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Soundcloud; YouTube; Spotify and if that’s not enough for you, then their website is pretty cracking too.

Until next time,
– Rebel Yell

Dove House Unstable

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