They Came. They Saw. They Conquered.

Hello my pretties,

How are we? Over the panic that it is already April when you could have sworn your New Years hangover was only last week? Or have I just unintentionally sent you spiralling into hysteria with the sudden revelation? Whoops…my bad! It’s a good thing I have a rather spectacular preview for you today isn’t it?!

Heather/Vocals+Guitar; Christina/Guitar; Laura/Bass; Clara/Drums

Finding a kickass lady in the rock world is like finding a piece of straw in a stack of needles. Perhaps that’s why we get so blown away when LZZY Hale’s, Amy Lee’s and Taylor Momsen’s step into the limelight. Let alone to find a girl-only band that isn’t afraid to give the boys a run in for their money. While we have witnessed the rise of some remarkable girl groups, such as The Runaways and Girlschool, to my knowledge there isn’t many more permeating through today’s scene. Sure there are some phenomenal female vocalists, guitarists, drummers, bassists (plus the rest) out there, but they too seem to thrive in a male-dominated environment. Which I get, I don’t think I could handle being in a band with three other girls…the drama would drive me insane…guys seem to be far more chill…I’m getting off point…MOVING ON. Yet, there is one band in the Brighton area that restores my faith. With equal doses of grit, rebellion and femininity, these girls are not a force to be reckoned with. So move over Spice Girls, because Veni, Vidi, Vici embody true ‘girl power’.

Last year they unleashed their single ‘Spotlight’ into the world, and since ignited their careers. And being as devilishly charming as I am, I managed to get a sneaky preview of their next single ‘Cut The Ties’. Ready to hear my verdict?

Okay, so I had some pretty high expectations here. I’m somewhat particular about female vocals in a grunge ambience. There are so many examples where, for whatever reason, a vocalist just doesn’t have the grit or drive to suit the arrangements presented. Myself included. However, Veni, Vidi, Vici do not fall victim to this. Notably, Heather’s vocals do not have the bass-y grit typical for this genre, yet her smooth delivery works incredibly well, in fact, I like it more, very Lita Ford. What’s more, the song is scattered with tasteful harmonies that most grunge/alternative rock bands forget about. Moreover, as their Facebook biography appropriately summarises, their music is a patchwork quilt of alternative rock with pop melody lines sewn throughout. One element that stuck me was how minimal the vocals were. Being on a songwriting degree it is thrust down our throats how important vocals and melodies are, and how everything else has the singular purpose of serving them. Interestingly, it seems these girls choose arrangement over vocal – something bands like Nirvana would be proud of – because this doesn’t mean they don’t care, nor are lyrics an afterthought, instead the chosen few lines are honest and evocative. What’s more, these lines are works of art, profound and simply incredible.

17741132_10158358434710580_852374618_nAs I said, these are girls who know their instruments, composing melodic arrangements without overcomplicating. The intro focuses on establishing a strong foundation for the rest of the song to build upon. Most importantly, the rhythm section is consistent, never letting up. Furthermore, THESE GIRLS CAN SOLO! For someone brought up on old school heavy metal and punk, middle eights, breakdowns and solos will always have a place in my heart. It seems that most bands today are afraid of space, letting the song breathe without vocals, yet space is highly underrated – thank you Veni, Vidi, Vici for including teasing drop outs and builds that remind the world of how important they are!

These girls have converted another disciple and I can guarantee you will be following suit.

Cut The Ties’ will be unbridled and released to the world 7th April at Brighton Electric where all proceeds will be donated to Tonic charity. Badass beauties with hearts of gold, what more could you ask for? The track will be available on Spotify, iTunes and Soundcloud, but keep an eye on me and I will dose you up as soon as I get my hands on a public copy.

Keep up to date with these lovely ladies on the usual platforms: Facebook; Official Website and Soundcloud.

Until next time

– Rebel Yell


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  1. Linda says:

    Wow fresh and sound like a band to watch!

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