It’s No Use You Can’t Ignore Them.

Hello my pretties,

Would you look at that? For once the UK is experiencing uncharacteristically glorious weather. Which means two things… one everyone is taking advantage of it and exposing as much ghostly flesh as possible…whether they should be or not is another story. Two I am falling victim to my Britishness by beginning a conversation by commenting on the weather. Well, I guess I am my mother’s daughter…everyone has their vices…some raging alcoholics, fitness freaks etc. etc. however pretty much every Brit is a weather fanatic. It’s one stereotypical trait we all fit…that a tea obsessions.

As usual, I digress from my actual point…better to get the diversion over and done with before we start…but let’s be honest this won’t be the first nor last detour.

Boys of Rusty Salt: Pete Ferris (vocals/guitar); Jack Watton (Drums); Jay Chadwick (Bass). Photo by: Jack Clark

So what treat do I have for you today? Now I must admit I usually have a system when it comes to writing these, one of which this band made me break. Typically I sit and listen to a track and make notes as I go along from first listen, then working on the actual review I will have the track on loop in the background. However, the boys at Rusty Salt provoked a one-woman bedroom mosh session before remembering I’m supposed to be a professional journalist…woops. So time for a little introduction, put your claws together and welcome the wonderfully defiant Rusty Salt to our twisted family. Releasing their debut EP ‘No Use’ May 12th they have decided to tease their already eagerly awaiting audience by releasing their debut single ‘Finished’ TODAY! Yes, you read that right. For once I’m not the teaser. So let’s get to it, shall we?

These boys don’t mess around. Kick starting the song with everything they have – an energy that does not falter for a single second. Embodying pure angst and grit, fueled by determination and clever songwriting – a deadly concoction in the right hands. For a three-piece, they do not skimp on sound, with a solid, driving arrangement demonstrating the band’s ability to compose strong songs so early on in their careers. After all, first impressions matter a huge deal in this industry, and I can safely say this trio do not fall short of the high bar they set themselves. These powerful guitar hooks, captivating bass lines and defiant drums provide a resilient bedrock for the remainder of the song. A style that would perfectly suit a support slot with bands such as Muse, Biffy Clyro and Royal Blood.

Time for my favourite part, can you guess which? I mean you all should know me pretty well by now when it comes to my reviews…yes, the gal in the second row with the insane hair? Ding, ding, ding the lyrics! Pete delivers punchy, provocative lines around the conventional theme of karmic damnation to those who screw others over. I say ‘conventional’ but not in a condemning way. Stereotypes, clichés, conventional themes are all labelled these for a reason. My point is this: someone was told me it is not a lyrics job to describe emotion…but to create it. Every now and then artists write a gem and Rusty’s pearl manages to combine this principle whilst maintaining rock attitude. ‘Finished’ narrates a simple story, however, ignites intensity in a way most bands cannot achieve. Listen for yourself if you don’t believe me.

It’s incredible finally hearing what these boys have been working on. A wait that was definitely worth every second. Rusty Salt redefines rock in a world where so many people are declaring it. It’s not dead. Nor dormant. It’s underground, surviving through bands like Rusty Salt. Waiting for it’s time to step forward and take over the world once again. Keep up to date with the boys on Facebook and Instagram.

Until next time,

– Rebel Yell


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