One Ticket For The ‘Distress Express’ Please.

Hello my pretties,

Would you look at that, the third week in a row I’ve tossed a treat your way. It’s like this is becoming a regular deal. You see we’re in demand my darlings. That’s right everyone wants a little piece of me. After all my verdict is golden. A badge of the highest honour…a seal only the sublime have the privileged to wear…a…well you get the idea.

Although this could wait until tomorrow to conform to the social convention of #throwbackthursday…but let’s be honest all these new rituals that define today’s generation go above my head most of the time…MOST of the time…I mean I only started to understand the relevance of hashtags sometime year…yes, yes I know I’m slightly behind on the times. You wouldn’t think I was 21 really. But I’m old school that way, rather a book or a record over digital any day. But I digress. I say this could fit #tbt we introduced this devilish lot back in July 2016 when they released their debut video ‘The End’. However recently they’ve welcomed new blood into their domain, adding more glorious flavours to an already the exquisite concoction in the form of James and Charlotte. So everyone put on your best smiles, straighten those ties and fix your make up because PLUNGE are back and better than ever.

PLUNGE are back, shuffling their line up to deal an even stronger hand. (photo: Jack Smethers Photography)

After dedicating time to gigging and earning a few battle scars, they dove into hibernation. Shuffling their line up to deal an even stronger hand. Writing. Rehearsing. Conspiring. After dusting off the cobwebs they are back and hell bent on infecting the world with their venomous charm. Set to launch their next single ‘Distress Express’ on April 21st at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar I managed to get a peak. Ready for my verdict? Brace yourselves.

I have always found that bands who pursue psychedelia are either incompetent or incredible at doing so. There is no middle ground in this spectrum. However, thankfully, PLUNGE seems to be dominating the latter end of this continuum.

While previous works lean more towards psychedelic rock, they maintain elements of their trippy vibe to guide their listener into an augmented reality. However now combined with driving arrangements the band seem to be constructing more of a dystopian experience; exemplifying their talents as not only musicians, but their awareness as cultural spectators.

Production is key here. Experimenting and layering weird and wonderful instruments is one thing, but it is the production work that ensures there is enough space for the single to still breath and not sound clustered. You can’t help but listen to the track. Not just have it playing in the background, but really focus on the song in its entirety. What’s more, everything combined: the writing, production, gives both the band and song a proficient edge, demonstrating their development as both artists and songwriters. They are not a band to be taken lightly. They mean business.

It’s safe to say that Tam’s vocals have always been insane; nevertheless, his delivery has improved exceptionally as there seems to be an added confidence, almost as if he is more certain of the band’s direction and sound. Enticing, beautifully haunting melodies giving PLUNGE a more gothic ambience. Tam’s ethereal delivery contrasts the instrumentations consistent, hypnotic bedrock. But don’t you worry he hasn’t gone soft on you, with screams and grit mirroring the “distress” lyric perfectly – almost Marilyn Manson-esk. These periodic heavy breaks keep the single refreshed, maintaining their listener’s attention rather than lulling them.

They are on my to-do list to see live as I am intrigued to see if their sets are as incredible as their recordings. So go, fall into PLUNGE’s embrace. Try to resist their charms. I dare you.

Until next time,

– Rebel Yell.

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