Reckless Intentions: ‘LIGHTS’

Hello my pretties,


L:R Laurence (Bass); Lewis (Guitar); Matty (Vocals; Guitar; Piano); Josh (Drums)

As usual apologises for my lengthy absence but I’ve been an extremely busy bee. From recording my debut as Adalia (shameless self promotion!), annual volunteering role at Brighton’s Great Escape Festival to closing in on my final university assessment. I know! You read that right! I said final! Remember when we were just starting out, bright-eyed and enthusiastic? Now we’re running on caffeine and gasoline driven motivation. Honestly cannot wait to start writing music again for myself and not for some lousy tutor to tear apart! Hey now this isn’t a pity party, quite the opposite actually. Until last week I was complaining that I had no new music to listen to, “speechless and redundant”…anyone get that reference? Come on think! If you didn’t then this post really isn’t for you and you should reconsider all your life decisions. For those who got it with ease, you are my new favourites, please move to the front row. Now let’s get you all on the same page shall we? That was a beloved Green Day reference, which links us smoothly to today’s victims…I mean…cherished members of our twisted family: RECKLESS INTENTIONS, with their debut EP ‘Lights’ scheduled for release on 14th July. However, here at Rebel we have special perks.

Ready for my verdict?

Kick-starting the EP is the angst, gritty GHOST TOWN. Immediately a rehearsal room ambience is insinuated with amp feedback, demonstrating pop-punks DIY roots, before the pounding drive is unleashed. A cleverly written piece started the boys off on a high, ambitious energy that we hope they can maintain throughout the rest of the record (spoiler alert: they do!). However it is worth noting that this intensity is not consistent, although the overall pulse remains intact. This isn’t a bad thing trust me! Rather than the drive flat lining, you know…when it’s so continuous your sense switch off and it becomes tedious to listen to. The boys allow the song to naturally peak and drop, giving space to the vocal where necessary, which, in some instances reminds me a little of Cobain, particularly when the vocal borders sung and screamed. What’s more, the sinister end suits the title perfectly. Yet most importantly, the boys had me singing along by the last song, can’t wait to see this live, you can just tell it is meant for the stage. “OH WE’RE ALL LIVING IN A GHOST TOWN”. One of those tracks that will be cranked up in the car for the whole world to hear.

The boys were already kind enough to tease their upcoming release with a lyric video to STITCHES. Lyrically this has to be one of my favourites. Perfectly balancing pop-punk’s honesty and simplicity with elegance only a skilful songwriter can accomplish. Lines such as “ripped jeans and coffee stains, memories I can’t afford to replace” are relatable no matter who you are; what’s more feels more like Matty is having conversation with his listener, making you fall for the band even harder. Compared to their early demos (which we still love!) so far this EP has demonstrated Reckless’ development as both writers and arrangers. Littered with mesmerising melodies, and catchy hooks on even stronger instrumentation. This tracks reminds me very much of early Simple Plan, which isn’t a compliment I throw around lightly as they are a huge influence on yours truly.

Now LIGHTS is unusual even to pop-punk standards as it is a complex, hypnotic instrumental intermission. Notably, this is the track that christens the EP. When asked why, frontman Matty stated that “it starts dark but by the end it’s a bit more redeeming”. So almost like a light at the end of the tunnel? Furthermore, I know that they tried a selection of songs live before choosing the lucky few to record, therefore demonstrating their dedication to their fans, as they are aware that their live performances is where the ever-important relationships are made. So perhaps this is homage to those early followers. Wow…you can tell I’m still stuck in essay mode…over-analysing once again…whoops. I’ll shake it off don’t you worry.

Next OUTCAST. I only have one thing to say. And that is: Meghan Trainor was right…it is all about that bass! Okay…I lied…I have more than one thing to say…after all this is me, can’t keep my thoughts to myself now can I? Lyrically OUTCAST reminded me of Weezer, particularly with lines like “my hairs a mess but I like it that way” and “Everyone’s perfect but I escaped”, with an early Green Day delivery. The track as a whole is surprisingly melodic, especially in the middle eight, sandwiched between an undeniably persistent rhythmic drive.

PIANO!! Anyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for the piano. HOME provides another side to Reckless Intentions that I hoped we would soon see. Think All American Rejects “Ends Tonight“. Once again they do not disappoint. Personally, this is Matty’s voice at it’s best, demonstrating a new level of vulnerability. But instead of a condemning vulnerability of ‘I’m not good enough’ and the usual pop-punk anxieties, HOME is serenading, where the protagonist is admitting that, while he doesn’t understand his flaws and past, nothing is stopping him from being all he can for someone else – because they look at him in a way that he will never see himself. And while he doesn’t understand it, he has accepted he doesn’t need to because with them he’s found home. I had to listen to this a few times before I could sit down to make notes. It completely captivates you. Stops you in your tracks. Breaks your hearts and stitches it back up again. But that might just be me. While I’ve struggled to choose a favourite song off this record, HOME is the most relatable and completely mystified everything I am. I hope to hear more like this from the boys. It’s pop-punk meets emotional ballad. Oh and the most outstanding moment? The band kicks in! Now, this is something that can fall flat on its face despite the talent of the musicians. However, Reckless demonstrate the are more than they seem with the surprising, yet smooth transition.

I sold part of my soul to this band way back when. Counting down the says to their EP launch. Have you got your tickets yet? If not why not?!


For fans of: All Time Low; Simple Plan; Green Day

“Lights” – available digitally on all established platforms.
For physical copies, visit our website at


Until next time,
– Rebel Yell


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