Do You Live A ‘Perfect Life’?

Hello my pretties,

It’s me, Rebel Yell, back from the dead, or so it feels like after months of working towards finishing my degree. But guess what? I DID IT! I know it’s a friggin miracle, isn’t it! It’s been surreal, a vast weight has been lifted from my shoulders, the clouds have cleared…and every other cliché in the book. Other than wandering around aimlessly, half anticipating the attack of a forgotten looming deadline (so far I’ve been safe) I’ve been trying to throw myself back into songwriting as well as other projects. So apologies if this review is filled with more cobwebs than Dr Frankenstein’s Castle, but I’m a little rusty at reviewing and what not. But I swear on Dracula’s coffin that I’ll remain as incredibly charming and wonderfully witty as ever. Today is dedicated to you my little Yellers so here we go.

As five of our favourite boys prepare for their debut festival appearance at Derbyshire’s “Y NOT Festival” (27th – 30th July), I was sent a little gift in the shape of a mp3 wrapped up in a bow, with a note for my ears only…that is until August 11th. That’s right little Yellers Dove House has a new single up their sleeves ready to unleash as an anthem for the Summer of ’17.

We all know I can’t keep a secret, so ready for my verdict?

19437265_1955383694681035_1080518104897146984_nI think it’s safe to say by now that there is little to be said about Dove House that is negative or demeaning…trust me I’ve tried but those boys are just too wonderful. For someone who is extraordinarily sarcastic, it’s frustrating not being able to use it. Ya know how they say Dave Grohl is the nice guy of rock? (If you don’t know who that is, get out and don’t look back. I’m not going to dignify you with an answer. Nice try hipster in the middle row but puppy dog eyes don’t work on me.) Well…Dove House is like the nice band of the Indie scene, which we all know that most personnel of that calibre are, to be frank, douches. Not our boys thought. They were raised right.

It seems with every track they send over my way they just keeping getting better and better. Like a fine wine; which is hard in this industry. It’s easy for a band to find their sound, and plateau before steadily declining into “we almost made it” and “what did we do wrong?” territory. Now Perfect Life builds upon the foundations establishing in Unstable of big chorus’s; synth and guitars layered in a delightfully, lavish fashion. Every section is riddled with hooks, a Dove House speciality. I don’t think I’ve ever known them to compose something without at least two strong phrases. The stop midway in the second verse adds a much-needed break, something the audience isn’t aware they needed until it’s happened.

Most importantly, the arrangement mirrors the song’s message, bridging the idea of dreaming and awake with an illusory ambience. Making it the perfect mellow summer track. However Jack’s lyrical flair remains prominent: honest, borderline pessimistic and realistic, with an unsatisfied sigh with social complacency, polished with a memorable melody and built harmonises you can’t help but hum for hours after hearing it. Initially Perfectly Life voices a protagonist discontented with his own life with lines such as “Am I awake or am I just sleeping?” and “I can’t dream anymore”. Yet soon transits into typical Dove House social commentary with outstanding phrases such as “emotionally digital I have nothing to say”. Despite the intricate, almost punk-like message, and complex arrangements to a jazz standard, they manage to wrap their tracks in the simplistic, shiny wrapper of Indie; demonstrating each members ability as songwriters, not just disciples to their chosen discipline.

Once again our boys have outdone themselves. Climbing up the ladder to success they will soon be standing amongst global names such as The Strokes, Tame Impala, and We Are Scientists. And we can say we were here since the beginning.

As usual, keep up to date with the band’s antics over at Facebook;, Twitter; Instagram and Spotify.

Until next time,
– Rebel Yell.

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