Interrupting All Programs…

Hello my pretties,

We all know the drill by now: I apologise. You graciously accept it before returning back to the exceptionally high admiration you hold for yours truly. After a somewhat adventurous summer of abusing my bank account with traveling as well as “excessive” spending (which I still stand by and say every purchase made was completely and utterly necessary! I mean I just had to see that band. And that shirt just brings out my eyes in a way that would be cruel to deny the world of). However, I did try to balance the glaring red scribbled over my statements by taking on more hours at work. See responsible. In addition to turning another year older, graduating and spending quality time with the creatures I call family and friends.

For some strange reason, I decided to take on an extra year at university to complete a PgCert. Self-inflicted torture doesn’t even begin to cover it. So alongside my fourth-year duties, songwriting and producing music as Adalia and searching for various internships within the music industry I have made the new (academic) year resolution of providing you lovely lot with weekly updates. I will attempt to post every other Friday (take special note of the word attempt what’s more this may change as I’m still figuring out my new routine…) unless I am reviewing an event in which case I will be posting the following day. In addition to reviewing albums/EPs/singles that artists send to me to hear my verdict, after all, my seal of approval is golden, I will also be talking about albums, artists, movements and musical personalities that influence both my musical and personal life. Dedicating posts to specific areas of interest. But of course remaining as rock and roll and grunge as ever. However a word of warning there may be some cultural history lectures…I mean…posts….every now and then. Depends on where the moment takes me. YOLO and all that jazz…do the young people still use YOLO? Or have I officially moved into the “un-hip older person” (basically anyone not a teenager) territory”?

Think of it as a social commentary of my…what shall we call it? Colourful…yeah we’ll go with that…of my colourful world. All things music related, pivoting around rock and metal as well as diving into various other genres and styles I wish to rant and rave about in that moment. You good with that? Not that you have much choice really. But I promise you there will be something in each post that you will love, even if it is laughing at my geekiness (which I can guaranty will become a hell of a lot more prominent over the next few posts…but it’s okay I’m still the same sarcastic, morbidly enticing, charming Rebel you know and adore.

If you guys want me to cover anything in particular, ya know the drill comment, post, DM me and I will add them to my little blacklist. Basically long story short every other week you lucky lot get to hear me “ramble on and now’s the time, the time is now to sing my song”…let’s be honest these types of detours will happen a lot too…What I’m trying to say you will gradually be gaining a deeper insight into this beautifully chaotic mind of mine, musical skeletons, cultural cobwebs and thick dusty books from this library of mine…I was going somewhere with this…however, I can’t remember…ah well the imagery was striking enough.

On that note I take my leave.

Until next time,
– Rebel Yell

(BTW anyone who understood the reference of my title gets a gold star! As well as moving to the top of the class! New favourites…I mean…I don’t have favourites…)

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