“Show Me Your Teeth”

Hello my pretties,

How are we on this miserable January morning? Ghastly? Ghoulish? Undead? Because I certainly do. But in the best ways possible. How was everyone’s Christmas’s? Get any snakes or spiders wrapped up nice with spider legs and pretty bows? Almost feels “like a memory long since past, here in an instant, gone in a flash”. For anyone that understood any of those references top of the class because you are my new favourite people!

I’m going to keep this relatively short today for various reasons, but mainly because these boys don’t need any introductions. They’ve been part of this freakish family for so long now that I’m pretty sure they have claimed the title of “weird uncles”. While technically my first review of Dove House was in October 2016, when they played Hope & Ruin as a support act, they’ve been on our radar since day one, way back when…could have sworn I had written about them before then…but the blog doesn’t lie…maybe I just banged on about them a lot on social media?


Well first things first, I want everyone to stand, hats on hearts and send a salute to Anthony, who recently left the band to pursue other projects. We wish him all the luck in the world, and that he will always have a place amongst us here. So the fulgent five become four. But their just as incredible as ever, churning out hits like Disney films…just go with that analogy please I beg you, I hit a mind block there!

However, one thing that always leaves me speechless (and we all know how hard that is to do) is how they are continuously growing and developing as musicians and songwriters. I don’t think I’ve ever known them to release anything the same, there’s always an added element or a different direction. Which is something a lot of new artists loose. They may release an outstanding first EP, or album, and may the second is almost as good, but then they tend to get stuck in a cycle whereby they find a sound and stick with it. That’s it. Development doesn’t cease to exist and creativity isn’t stunted, it simply plateaus – state of redundancy so to speech.

But not our boy. You see having friends in the right places means I get sneaky previews of tracks before they are released to the public eye: Dove House’s upcoming single “Teeth” being the latest gem in my collection. I’m pretty certain I say this about every track they send me but this has to be my favourite song of theirs to date. Whilst it sounds like a Dove House piece, laced with hooks, solid grooves and boyish charm, they managed to marry their previous indie-we-are-scientists-cross-the-strokes-love-child with edgier, more gritty textures of rock – I don’t mean a complete 360 Slipknot and horror masks makeover. More subtle hints of Queens of the Stone Age, Early Killers and Kaiser Chiefs. It’s production and effects done right, not overkill. It’s heart-stirring bass lines. It’s shuffled drums complimenting atmospheric guitar medleys. It’s hypnotic vocal lines juxtaposing their topic of social turbulence. It’s Dove House.

I do have one little complaint about them though…being a rock and punk background they always bring the indie out of me – which can be a little sketching this household sometimes. I have to keep up appearances boys!! It’s a good thing I’m a songwriter who appreciates every form of music and listens to all otherwise it could get a little ugly here.

I could go into my usual analysis of composition and lyrics, however, this time I want to leave you in suspense. You’ve had a slight taste of what the boys are about to unleash into this world. But you’re going to have to trek down to The Hope & Ruin – 12th February to find out for yourselves, lucky for you tickets are still available here, I’ll be there and you know you want to see me too.

Yeah, I can be mean sometimes. But hey, you still love me. They are kinder then me though have recently posted a sneak preview for your precious ears only:

26219564_2050285025190901_944593979112063744_nAs usual keep up with our wonderful boys on the usual platforms: Facebook; Instagram; YouTube.

Until then,

– Rebel Yell

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